TheOZZshow.com is interactive independent media that enables people to replace their media narrative with truth, a multi-media journey that begins with DearPeople, this is just media, a true story fictionalized that makes you the star of media that shines light on people shining light.

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OK, imagine an interactive independent media company that replaces their media narrative with your truth.  You.

TheOZZshow.com is an interactive independent media company that shines light, on you, not them, not our leaders, not the experts, and certainly not their media.  The spotlight will be on you.  I'm OZZryan, Founder of TheirMedia.  I brought on some investors and it has been a disaster.  

That's why it's become so one-sided, because they're trying take control.  I won't let 'em, because despite what they tell you, you are what matters.  This is just media.  

They divide us.  You are what matters.  You.


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