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My name’s John Pineau. This is Revelation/1. Revelations shared here are derived from the 1st eBook in The Revelation Series, which is comprised by 21,440 words, and 3 rough-cut soundtracks.  In Revelation/1, we find a banker. Not just any banker, a banker for billionaires on a mission to build banks without fake, the same fake being manufactured and distributed throughout his institution and throughout the world. This bank, simply called The Bank, is a centralized institution that controls all the world’s banks, and ultimately all the world’s corporate Boards, political parties, and public leadership groups. The Bank’s Founder, a man named OZZryan, has been doing a little digging on the conduct of his fellow Board Members, a group of minority shareholders who misrepresented their intentions for The Bank when they offered to capitalize its growth. Bringing them on as partners is no doubt the biggest mistake OZZryan has made in his life, making him vulnerable to a hostile takeover, an event that would surely end all freedoms for all citizens of the world. For now, they're winning, using his institution to control all the mechanisms of power, to disseminate propaganda, confusing people, dividing people, disheartening them.  OZZryan has paid a big personal price for this mistake, fighting this battle on his own, one man against the world's most powerful billionaires.  But although he may be down, he’s definitely not out. He’s not the kinda guy to give up. Ever. In fact, he’s scheduled a meeting to begin implementing a plan he’s been working on behind the scenes for a very long time. And he won’t begin on his own. This meeting scheduled with a man named Micheal Nolan, an American born actor with whom he shares a common enemy, the same minority shareholders. The careful research OZZ has been doing revealed that his shareholders directed security agencies to harass Nolan in response to his claims of censorship in the film industry. Both OZZryan and Michael Nolan are ready to fight. Both are ready to expand their inner circle, first with Michael’s trusted family and friends, next with people from around the world who know this is a time in history that will determine our future, one characterized by tyranny and control, or another that elevates the power of each other, for each other in an unstoppable way.  You've been listening to Revelation/1, which is the base for a series of revelations that will be released as information comes available.  As mentioned before, this information takes its lead from the 1st eBook in The Revelation Series. I'm John Pineau.  I'll be here to guide you along the way as we release this information.  Make sure you've registered your email address on TheOZZshow.com to stay informed.  Thanks for taking the time to listen.