StolenWhiskey is a true story we fictionalized to find out who's screwing up the world and how to fix it.  StolenWhiskey/1 is the 1st novel script backstage, featuring 3 chapters, 21,440 words, and 3 soundtracks.

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StolenWhiskey is a true story fictionalized about a small business owner whose whiskey inventory is stolen by a group of rogue bankers.  When I found this story, actually given to me by a colleague as a novel script, I knew it was the missing piece to a puzzle I've been trying to solve for many years.  I'm OZZryan, Founder of The Bank.  Most of you won't know me, or my bank, but you will know the banks and the bankers around the world who report to me because The Bank controls all the world's banks.  I operate in the background, attempting to carry out my mission to help people better their lives.  But time and time again, I've been blocked, which is why I've quietly undertaken an internal audit of my bank, but even then, I've been limited in the scope of this audit.  Although I control my creation, I am bound by its Charter.  Think of the Charter as the Constitution for my bank, for all banks, for all the world's freedoms.  I could see that fraud had occurred but I couldn't pinpoint exactly who was behind it all, until I found Stolen Whiskey, because it was this story that enabled me, according to The Bank's Charter, to expand my scope, revealing crimes unimaginable, setting the stage for indictments against the perpetrators of these crimes, for the discovery of crime details, and trials to bring these criminals to justice, to unite us around freedom because each of us creates it.


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