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GoDoor is a three-part deep dive into what is really going on in the world according to a group of bank insiders who see it for what it really is, not what they want us to think it is.  GoDoor is a group of characters who shine a light on the world's problems, and then set out to solve them.  GoDoor is a behind the scenes story that comes out for real on 


A banker for billionaires takes us for a tour of his secret bank, a covert journey that reveals a complex system to ruin the rest of us with the fake they make, and the entertainment he introduces to counter their sinister games.  The stage is set for the people's will to shine its light on the system.  GoDoor/1 features 21,440 words and 3 rough-cut song samples.



$6.99 - Canadian Currency

21,440 words of insight

3 soundtrack samples

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