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John Pineau is the Founder of OZZ and a Strategist who has designed and launched several original brand stories, both as an entrepreneur and as a consultant.  He created OZZ to make banks without fake, starting with free revelations he narrates that shine a light on a true story he fictionalized to build audiences.  The story is called The Revelation Series.  Audiences are brought in to become part of the story as it rolls out. 

If you can help the project in some way, please send us your name, your SKYPE address or cell number, and a date and time we can meet.

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For more on John's projects, check out our channels.


Or write us the old fashioned way:

John Pineau, Strategist, OZZmediaCorp

PO Box 333, 971 Corydon Avenue

Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3M 3V3