OZZshow1 is the 1st part of the OZZshow series on TheOZZshow.com.  This is a synopsis. To give you a little more detail, you can find a story sample below, soundtrack samples, those sort of things.

I'm OZZryan, Founder of The Bank.  OZZshow1 is when I decide I've had enough, that it's time to pay my debts, with interest.  My debt is to you, for their mistakes and I sincerely intend to correct all of them with future show, which pays you to say so, to talk about the things that hold you back and the solutions you think can help you help the world.

OZZshow1 is also when I introduce a guy named Christian McQuaid, an entrepreneur they decided to rob, mostly because they're not nice and he is.  But when they robbed him they had no idea how resilient he would be, and how his fight would lead to a future show that begins to take shape in OZZshow2



Written & Performed by John Pineau
Insightfully Engineered by Leigh Filbert
Cookie Jar Guitar by Alf Catolico
1of3 - CookieJar
2of3 - ConstantNeed 

3of3 - FriendForgot

Chapter 1


We SEE the bathroom door open. A MAN (25) enters, holding a gun. He looks under the bathroom stall partition.  A second MAN enters, this one a guard (27). The first man conceals his gun. He leaves the room, passing the guard. The guard follows him. The door closes.



We SEE a MAN in business clothes (55). He sits on a toilet in a stall. Standing, he looks over the partition. The door remains closed. No one is there. He turns toward the back of the stall. A laptop rests on the back of the toilet. He taps its recorder. We HEAR him speak.




After having the cabin checked for recording devices, Ozz settles at his desk, exhausted from stress. He wonders when it will all end, when he will finish.

He takes from his laptop bag a narrow wooden box and then from it a clear, glass bottle.  On the side of the bottle is white text: Whiskey.  He takes from the box a red velvet cloth-towel and places it beside the bottle.  Whiskey text is printed on it too.  He then takes two crystal rock glasses from the box and carefully places each on the cloth.  He pours a shot into each glass and then lifts one of the glasses, consuming its contents before placing its heavy bottom on the velvet cloth. 

Ozz carries this boxed whiskey-kit everywhere he goes.  Inside the jet’s main cabin, the kit’s velvet cloth-towel matches perfectly the cabin’s rich, red walls, while the box itself is taken from the same dark wood framing the hand-crafted island bar on the other end of the cabin.  Three heavy steel barstools - topped with red velvet covered cushions -  line the bar, rarely used.  Thick, dark books span floor-to-ceiling to his right, gold lettering on each matching the frame of a large gilded mirror on the left.  The pilot’s cabin is on the far side of the bar, accessible by only one door, while his bed and bathroom are situated behind him, also accessible by one door.

As the whiskey kicks in, he relaxes somewhat. His thoughts shift. All will work out. He will launch his bank. He will help them. He types the first DRAFT.